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How long did it take for you to get to Troubled Teen Resources? How many months or years since your troubled teen first started exhibiting behavior that made you realize that you needed help?

If you are visiting Troubled Teen Resources for the first time we welcome you and, we are sorry that you needed to seek us out. By the same token, we are grateful that we at Troubled Teen Resources are able to offer the thousands of parents who visit out site the troubled teen resources that they can utilize in guiding them through the maze of programs, teen behavioral therapies and troubled teen boarding schools that a parent must review.

So much information can be both a blessing and a curse. We hope to make this site the former by offering the latest and best information that can assist the parents of troubled teens decide on the best course of action.

Just a few mere decades ago, parents of out-of-control teenagers who fell into self-destructive behavior had few places to turn. The guilt was tremendous for those parents in the sixties who were greeted with the phenomenon of hippies and LSD. It was rare for a program to exist that addressed the teenage drug abuser specifically. There were certainly no troubled teen resources. Rarer still was there counsel and support among parents going through the same nightmare.

A Guide to Teen Programs and Boarding School

Unfortunately, the legacies of the sixties, drugs sex and rock and roll, found their way into the new millennium. No one could quite envision a world where the need for troubled teen resources would be a daily fact of life.

Troubled Teen Resources will acquaint you with teen programs such as Positive Peer Culture, Animal Assisted Therapy, and Cognitive Self Change. We'll explain the difference between troubled teen boarding schools, military schools and brat camps. Troubled Teen Resources will gladly respond to any inquiries and requests for additional information.

We are proud to join with today's parents in the fight for our children's future.

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Featured Schools

Tipton Academy is a boarding school for troubled teen boys ages 12-17.

Our year round academic classes, combined with a Strength Based Approach program model allows your son constant opportunity to learn the lessons on life needed to be a successful and productive member of society.

  • Year round enrollment
  • Positive peer culture
  • Special dog training program
  • Great academic program and structure
  • Can be enrolled in 24 hours.

Parent Testimonial

"The positive culture is the thing that separates Tipton from other program schools. The thrust becomes not to change your child, but to show him how to use his skills in positive ways. Your "bad Kid" becomes the Kid with the misdirected talents. It's liberating both for the parent and the child.

He's no longer ashamed of who he is. It's so nice when you've got a kid who has been in trouble to hear people saying positive things about his personality. The staff at Tipton doesn't see "bad kids." They make it possible for your child to restore the self esteem he needs, to do the right things and THRIVE!" - Glenda Bradley

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