At-Risk Teens

The label "teen at risk" describes a teenager who is vulnerable to, or "at risk" for succumbing or being subjected to harm. In the context of describing adolescents, teen at risk would describe a young person, who because of various contributing factors, is more vulnerable to peer pressure, drugs and alcohol than their more stable counterpart.

What Makes a Teen at Risk?

What contributing factors work towards making a teen at risk? What conditions lead to one teen being more at risk than another?

Even without the temptation of drugs and alcohol, the adolescent years are rife with the natural hazards of adolescence; the pull of hormones, the beginning search for a sense of self, emerging sexuality and emotional immaturity. So in that sense, all young adolescents can fall into the teen at risk category.

What can exacerbate these natural variables is when the teen's life is upset by divorce, a parents death, poor social skills or sexual trauma. If any traumatic events occur to a teen who has no one to guide them through the emotional landmines these events produce, they are more at risk than a teen suffering similar tragedies who has support, or who may be more emotionally equipped to endure loss or trauma.

Emotional Maturity Key Factor in Evaluating Teen at Risk

We'll use Loren as an example of a teen at risk. Loren lost her father at a very young age and her mother works non stop to support her and her brother, thus, creating another contributing factor to making Loren a teen at risk; her mother is rarely at home and much of the responsibility for the younger brother falls upon Loren who is not sufficiently mature to shoulder loss and added responsibility. Loren's psychological make-up puts her more at risk than a more emotionally mature counterpart because she interprets all of these circumstances in terms of victimhood and abandonment.

Loren is the type of teen at risk that would benefit from a troubled teen boarding school which offers teen behavioral programs that develop critical thinking skills and promote emotional maturity by employing therapies such as Positive Peer Culture, Cognitive Thinking and Animal Therapies.

Put in the capable hands of a trained professional at a teen boarding school, a teen at risk can graduate to being a healthy teen who has learned the skills and gained the maturity to weather the turmoil of their teenage years.

Teen Crisis Intervention Comes in Many Forms

As you read these pages, we keep you informed of those public schools, states, towns and non-profits that acknowledge the need for teen crisis intervention by funding teen crisis intervention programs that address the at-risk teen, teens already in the legal system, and pre-teens who might be tempted.

The rise of the Internet only accelerates the need to develop interventions to prevent the at-risk teen from being seduced into dangerous and unsavory situations while right under their parent's roof.

If the dangers to teens ended with substance abuse it might be manageable, but drug abuse brings the subsets of teen pregnancies, rape, imprisonment, AIDS, and prostitution. Teen crisis intervention programs need to be implemented that take account of all of the destructive forces that can be unleashed if left unchecked.

Teen crisis intervention can simply mean that adults take back control of their teen's lives by battling the cultural forces that make drugs seem attractive to the troubled teen. Teen crisis interventions can only occur when parents quit denying a crisis exists.

Teens At Risk

A Girl Boarding School Could Be What Your Daughter Needs

Having counselors who understand teenage problems at a boarding school, makes the school experience a more positive one for teenagers who attend. Your daughter might hate the idea of a girl boarding school at first, but once she is there, making friends and talking about her problems, she will change her mind.

Don't give up on your daughter. There are always options that you can choose to help your child. She will drop her bad habits and pick up positive ones. It will just take a matter of her time and energy as well as persistence on your part!