Military Schools

For the seriously troubled teenager, boot camps could be a very beneficial thing. Teenagers are hard to deal with when at their best behavior. If you have a troubled youth on your hands, you might need to consider a more severe means of discipline.

It won't be an easy decision to make. After all, you want the best for your children. You want them to be happy and free. A military school environment will definitely be won't be exactly what you had in mind. Despite such hopes, sometimes such an environment is necessary for your child's well-being.

Military Boarding Schools

Boarding School For Troubled Teen Children Could Work for Your Child

In a public or even private school environment, you child might not be getting the one-on-one treatment he or she needs. At a boarding school for troubled teen children, your child will get the attention he or she desperately needs. With the help of counselors and therapists, your child will learn about his or her problems and will be able to overcome them.

When you teenager returns to you, he or she will no longer be troubled, but happy. Your family bond will be restored once again and you all can live happily ever after. It might be hard to send your child off, but the benefits of such action are eternal!

In the strict sense of the term, military school usually refers to academic boarding schools that incorporate the same style of discipline and structure that a soldier would receive in training for one of the armed forces. Sometimes a military school is chosen in order to provide the student a stepping stone towards officers' school. Many parents aspire for their teens to attend the most prestigious military school in America, West Point.

Definition of a Military School

The terms military school and military academy have been interchangeable through time and this definition applies to both.

1. a private school organized somewhat along the lines of and following some of the procedures of military life.

2. a school that trains men and women for military careers as army officers, usually as part of a college education.

Why Military School?

Why would a parent choose a military school? A military school is particularly noted for the strict discipline that they impose on their student body. The discipline is not in the least bit meant as punitive but consists of a body of rules, procedures and principles designed to inculcate a strong will, clear thinking, leadership skills and sound character in a given student. A military school adopts a structure of training, discipline, and reward similar to what is found in the actual military. Every minute of the student's day is accounted for in a military school and infractions of the rules are immediately dealt with, no negotiations permitted.

The activities and possessions that kids outside of a military school take for granted are considered privileges in a military school and have to be earned. That includes video games, music and movies. There is no flex time or excuse for missed homework or neglected study time.

In a military school, peer pressure is deliberatively used to enforce proper behavior and to expose those students who break the rules. A military school not only strengthens it's students, or cadets, as individuals, but then teaches them how to function cooperatively in team settings. All invaluable skills, whether applied to a military career or a life in business.

A young military school graduate explains why she is glad that, unlike her friends back home, that she is in military school.