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Adolescent Treatment Program

When parents seek out which is the best adolescent treatment program for their troubled teenager it would be best to accumulate a little research beforehand. When you begin talking with a professional, you want to have a basic understanding of the terminology that will be used, and a basic grasp of the types of teen behavioral treatment therapies that are available.

Know Your Teen's History of Abuse

The parent must also be prepared to provide the counselor or therapist information on their teenager as well. As suggested elsewhere, have a small biography prepared about your teenager so that you can easily answer questions when interviewing counselors and therapists about an adolescent treatment program.

You will be asked how long your teen has been abusing. Is the abuse been accompanied by depression? Does your teen have a history of depression? Was your teen involved in any needle use or unprotected sex? Any adolescent treatment program will likely require a physical exam to test for HIV/Aids and diseases associated with drug use as well as to determine if there are any underlying physical reasons for the depression or anxiety that so often precipitates a teen's use of drugs.

Adolescent Treatment Programs Must Fit the Teen

It depends on your teenagers degree of involvement with drugs as to what type of adolescent treatment program is most applicable and compatible with your teen's needs. Many parents do not take any chances and immediately begin addressing their teen's experimentation with drugs by seeking out the many early intervention or student assistance programs available from schools, justice systems and churches that work to educate teenagers and parents about teen substance abuse before addiction occurs.

A Holistic Adolescent Treatment Program

A adolescent treatment program should be multi dimensional in it's approach, treating the entire adolescent, not just focusing on addiction or destructive behavior, but encompassing the teen's entire personality. A thorough adolescent treatment program will not only address behavioral and psychological issues but encompass the physical, academic and spiritual well being of the out of control teen.

In choosing an adolescent treatment program, you will be developing the same criteria that you would use in choosing a teen boarding school or brat camp. Often a parent's choice of a particular troubled teen boarding school will be based on a specific adolescent treatment program that has been noted for successfully equipping a teen to be powerful in their lives, such as animal assisted therapy or the discipline of Positive Peer Culture.