Teen Substance Abuse

Teen Substance abuse. Three little words that define a monstrous problem for parents and the nation alike. Today's parent rightly feels overwhelmed when trying to grapple with the most effective way to confront teen substance abuse in their families while the educational system and government leaders struggle to create programs to fight teen substance abuse in schools and communities.

A Thousand Battles

The war on drugs comes down to thousands of families waging thousands upon thousands of small battles against teen substance abuse in their own living rooms, in doctors offices, in school classrooms, and in military schools and residential teen boarding schools.

Teen substance abuse has moved from a problem, hidden under the rug and out of sight, to a required course in the curriculum of a teen's life. Teen substance abuse used to be just a bogey man living in shadows. Then it became the kid dealing on the corner down a block from the school, then teen substance abuse showed up as your son's buddy on the football team who got turned on by his big brother, then as the high school coach ignoring steroids in the locker room.

Teen substance abuse went from being an unlikely visitor in a family's life to becoming a constant threat and frequent intruder.

Parents War on Drugs

Crack cocaine, meth, pot, club drugs, designer drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, inhalants and hallucinogens all constitute just a portion of the arsenal that teen substance abuse is packing and unfortunately, the rule of "six degrees of separation" applies to a teenager's world as well. A parent today realizes that within their at-risk teen's circle of friends, someone is dealing and someone is using.

As formidable an enemy as teen substance abuse has become, the tools at a parent's disposal have grown rather formidable too. Counties, municipalities and small villages all have some type of substance abuse program in place. Schools and churches and non-profit groups all have or are developing programs to fight teen substance abuse.

And parents now have access to a large number of respected therapeutic drug treatments and teen rehabilitation programs through boot camps, troubled teen boarding schools, brat camps and wilderness therapies.

Unlike 40 years ago when schools and parents only had movies like "Reefer Madness" to use as educational tools, today's parents have a vast reservoir of information on teen substance abuse at the tips of their finger via the internet.

Teen Age Drub Abuse

Dana was an 'A' student and a star athlete. A tendency to gain weight had always been offset by her very active schedule until a broken leg and arm kept her idle. The result was a large weight gain that humiliated her. Never able to cope with ridicule, Dana sought out amphetamines. Since teen age drug abuse proliferates in our schools, Dana easily acquired her "speed" and the habit that accompanied it. That is how an 'A' student was introduced to teenage drug abuse.

Every Teen is Vulnerable

Dana bought her speed from Alec. Alec had his introduction into teenage drug abuse trying to escape an abusive father. Alec was desperate to run away and chose dealing as a way to finance his plan. Typical of a young dealer, Alec used his own product and the only place Alec was running was in circles and ultimately, jail; another victim of teen age drug abuse.

Carol was a wealthy classmate whose parents gave her the best of everything, except their time. She saw her parents when one or the other returned from a business trip. If they had checked with the girl's governess they would have discovered that Carol regularly smoked pot and had sex with any number of young men.

Hungry for attention and desperate for supervision, Carol soon was pregnant and did coke during her first trimester until her parents finally noticed their daughter was in trouble. Carol became a victim of teen age drug abuse via her parent's indifference and her crippling loneliness.

Teenage drug abuse can visit any home and any family. Teen age drug abuse can pry through a teenagers weak defenses and exploit their pain and confusion.

Teenage Drug Abuse Just the Beginning

Teenage drug abuse is just the beginning. Like Carol, and Alec demonstrate, teen age drug abuse candeliver a teen into a jail cell or force a young girl to think about abortions and adoptions. Teen age drug abuse can turn a teen into a thief and shred the family of sanity and resources.

Often, by the time a parent is aware that their troubled teen is using drugs, problems may have escalated beyond their ability to address them. Seeking out advice from a therapist or school counselor at the first sign of any problem is critical. Enrollment into a troubled teen boarding school or a session at brat camp is often the measures parents must take to save their teen's life.

There are so many resources for teen help that are readily available to troubled teenagers as well as their families. They come in various forms ranging from schools to phone hotlines. These resources have been helping youth of all ages to overcome their dilemmas and to resume happy and fulfilling lives.

If you teenager is in need of assistance, there is a teen help resource that can certainly work for your child's benefit. In fact, a world of opportunity awaits you and your teenager. By pursuing progressive options, you will soon find that your child's situation can be helped.

Teen Help Can Start Your Child Down Progressive Path

If you are uncertain of which progressive direction to take, you can seek the counseling of a trained specialist. This specialist will be able to pinpoint the cause of your child's distress and direct you along the proper path. You and your child do not have to do this alone.

Teen help is widely accessible. If you aren't quite sure how to utilize such help, there are people who can help you. Don't wait any longer to help your child.